For Global Islami Bank PLC, “It’s OK to Complain” about your any discomfort to us. We believe that customers with issues that are resolved quickly can often turn into loyal customers and even brand advocates. So to let us enhance our comforts for you and leave your discomforts to us. You also may communicate with our authorize team to place your complain.

Mr. Kazi Mashiur Rahman Jayhad
Additional Managing Director
+880-2-9861060, Ext-803
Mr. Zulfiquar Ali Khan
Executive Vice President
Head of General Service Division
+880-2-9861024, IP-208, Ext-301
Mr. S. M. Mizanur Rahman
Executive Vice President
Head of Investment Division
+880-2-9860628, IP-209, Ext-601
Mr. Md. Osman Gani Mollah
Vice President
Head of Human Resources Division
+8801712216923,+880-2-17060853, IP-253, Ext-771
Mr. Ahmed Shoeb
VP & Head of Branch Operation Division