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Mudaraba Deposit Pension Scheme (MDPS)

Account Type Recurring Deposit

Mudaraba Savings/Al-Wadeeah Current Account Holders/Any Bangladeshi citizen/Legally approved person without having any Deposit account with GIBL.

Minimum Age 18 years

Currency BDT
Islamic Principle Under Mudaraba Mode as per Depositor-Bank Weightage approved by ALCO/BoD.
Final/Actual Profit Final Profit will be disbursed after finalization of the Bank’s Accounts for the respective year.
Identification Document

Complete DPS account opening form along with CASA accounts documentation as and when required.

updated Tin(Optional)

Minimum Monthly


BDT 100.00
Upper Limit BDT 100.00, 200.00, 300.00, 400.00, 500.00 or any multiple of BDT 500 i.e. 500, 1000, 1500 etc. & upper limit is BDT 25,000/-

Monthly Contribution

Collection Method

Demand will be generated on the transactional account in the monthly installment collection due date- Then system will transfer the installment amount to the MDPS Account.

The account may be opened at any date of the month and subsequent installment will be realized on the same date of the every month (in case of holiday, the immediate next banking day.)

Tenure  Any tenure from 3, 5, 8 and 10 Years