Nature of Account: Term Deposit where the terminal amount on maturity shall be Tk. 100,000.00 (Probable)

Tenor Initial
Installment with initial payment
Installment without initial payment
after the tenure
03 1000.00 2,395.00 2,420.00 100,000.00
05 1000.00 1,300.00 1,325.00 100,000.00
10 1000.00 505.00 515.00 100,000.00
15 1000.00 255.00 265.00 100,000.00

Customer Type: Mudaraba Savings/Al-Wadeeah Current Account Holders/Any Bangladeshi citizen (Age 18+) having any Deposit account with GIBL.

Account opening in case of MINOR: Any Bangladeshi citizen (Age between 06 years to 18 years) can open the scheme jointly with proper KYC of Legal Guardian. Account operation will be conducted by Legal Guardian until minor attains age 18 years.

Tenure: Any tenor from 3/5/10/15 years.
Joint Applicant: Joint applicant is allowed in case of opening this scheme with fulfilling proper KYC requirements.

Investment Facility: Clients may enjoy Bia-Muajjal (FO) up to 80% of deposited principle amount .

Multiple accounts: More than one Mudaraba Tawfiq (Probable Lakhpoti) Deposit Scheme (MTDS-Tawfiq) can be opened by same depositor at same branch or other Branch