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Privacy Policy for eKYC App

Please read and accept the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy if you desire to continue using the GoFast Internet Banking app of Global Islami Bank PLC. The following will apply when you use this service:

1. To use Internet Banking, you grant Global Islami Bank PLC “GoFast Internet Banking” the right to register your device.

2. To utilize the “Binimoy” service, you grant permission to use your device’s actual location.

3. To avail EKYC (rapid account) service, you grant permission to capture image or upload media, access your name, address, phone number, email address (or other contact list information), gender, age, National Identification (NID) number, and other non-financial and financial details.

4. To operate Internet Banking and rapid account services, you provide your contact list information such as phone number, email, etc.

5. Overall, you grant us permission to save all of your information in our database server.

6. To use Internet Banking and rapid account services of this, you agree to all Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy related to “GoFast Internet Banking” as stated hereunder.

Privacy Policy Commitment

This privacy policy explains how we will use and manage your personal data, including any data acquired from you as a user of this app. In this Privacy Policy, “personal data” refers to any identifiable information about you.

We strongly believe that the privacy of our customers’ information is vital for building public trust and confidence in our products and services, so it is our commitment to respect, maintain, protect, and safeguard our Global Islami Bank PLC customers’ information at all times.

What Permissions We Use and Why?

The GoFast Mobile Banking app requires Internet, Contact list, Location, Call, SMS, Email, Camera, and Image/Media permissions.

– Internet Permission: Internet access is required for our app to communicate with Global Islami Bank PLC server through the internet.

– Location Permission: Location is used to monitor the location from which transactions take place which is necessary for “Binimoy”.

– Device registration: Device registration permission to keep track of your device so that we can protect you from frauds.

– Contact List permission: Device’s phone book permission in order to provide a user-friendly mobile top-up interface where the user can choose the appropriate contact number from a contact list rather than having to manually input.

– Call authorization: Call authorization to quickly connect the user to our customer support team, available around-the-clock, year-round.

– SMS permission: SMS permission to populate the security code in the field during registration, forgot PIN, rapid account verification, i-banking transaction confirmation, etc.

– Email Permission: Email Permission to verify the client’s correct email address.

– Camera permission: Camera permission to scan QR to pay at various merchant shops throughout the country, to capture an image of customer NID, Selfie, and signature during rapid account registration.

– Media permission: Media permission to upload a photo of customer NID, signature, nominee NID, photo during rapid account registration.

What Personal Information Do We Collect from GoFast Mobile Banking App Users?

The sorts of information we collect differ based on how you use and access our services and products. We collect the following types of personal information when you use our mobile banking app:

– The data and information we usually obtain about you include your name, address, phone number, email address (or other contact list information), gender, age, National Identification (NID) number, and other non-financial and financial details.

– Information about your device and internet connection, such as your device name, device type, operating system, browser type, and IP address.

– Information about your usage of our mobile banking app, such as the pages you visit, the features you use, and the transactions you make.

Please be advised that any information you enter, including your phone number and email address, may be used to identify you personally. When you use this app, cookies may be used to improve your user experience and remember your preferences. Alternatively, non-personally identifiable or anonymous codes may be used for general visitor and usage trend monitoring. All customer data entered into the app upon registration is kept on the Global Islami Bank PLC server to individually identify each user. We reserve the right to ask you for more relevant information at any time so that we can assist you better. You can always enable or deny access to this information by going to your device’s settings.

Contact List Information

Information We Collect:

When you use the app, we may collect personal information from you, including your name, phone number, email address, and payment information. This information is collected in order to provide you with top-up services for your GP, Robi, Airtel, Teletalk, or Banglalink accounts. We may also collect non-personal information such as device information, app usage data, and location information.

What Do We Do with User’s Phone Number?

– We use the user’s mobile number to uniquely identify each user as a customer.
– We do not divulge the user’s mobile number to any unapproved parties or other third parties; instead, we securely store it.
– The information we collect is used for the purpose of providing you with top-up services for your GP, Robi, Teletalk, or Banglalink account.

Image Information:

Capture or Upload Image Information for Creating EKYC

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, and protect the image information you provide us with for the purpose of creating Electronic Know Your Customer (EKYC) verification. We take the privacy of your personal information seriously and are committed to protecting it.

Information We Collect and Why

– To automatically verify the client’s identity with the NID server, we need your permission to take pictures of the front and back pages of your NID during the rapid account registration process.
– We also need camera permission to capture your Selfie to verify it with your NID image.
– Camera permission is also required to obtain your signature which will be used in future as your bank account authorization.
– You can also upload a picture of your signature and NID. Permission to upload media is needed for it.
– Also, media permission to upload a photo of nominee’s NID and photo is required.

Use of Location Data

Certain features, including Binimoy, use information about your physical location sent from your device.

In order for us and Google to provide the necessary functionality in compliance with these and Google’s Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policies, you grant us, our partners and licensees, and Google permission to access, monitor, transmit, collect, maintain, disclose, process, and use your location data. You will be asked to consent to the use of location services when you use the Binimoy service for the first time. By disabling location services on your device, you can revoke this consent at any moment. Some of the features might be unavailable without this permission.

There are different Google terms and conditions that apply to using the Google Maps APIs. You can find them at: and Google privacy policy available at:

When Do We Collect Information?

We obtain information from you when you register on the GoFast Mobile Banking app. We may request to provide certain personal details when you’re using our app so we can get in touch with you or identify you.

How Do We Use Your Information?

We utilize this data to uniquely identify the customer’s device and ensure that no other device is using the same account at the same time. The information we receive from you will be used to respond to the requests you make regarding our products and services as well as other regular company operations.

Employees’ Access to the Information

We reaffirm our commitment to upholding, protecting, and safeguarding the privacy of your information by making sure that only authorized staff members who are properly trained and equipped to handle your information may access the information you have shared, disclosed, exchanged, or otherwise provided to us. All of our authorized personnel are expected to abide by the following commitments, particularly the one about protecting the privacy of your information at all times. The appropriate disciplinary action will be taken against any of our authorized workers who violate this privacy policy or its general conditions.

Do We Use ‘Cookies’?

We do not use cookies for tracking purposes.

Third-Party Disclosure

We don’t exchange, trade, or otherwise give your personally identifiable information to unaffiliated third parties. We take the right precautions to protect your information.

Security Measures Employed to Safeguard the Privacy of the Information

We will always protect the privacy of your information by implementing appropriate and strict security controls, procedures, and protocols; this will even after any commercial connection between you and us has ended. Please be aware that although we will make every attempt to protect the privacy of any information, no data transmission over the Internet or through other electronic means can be guaranteed to be completely safe. We are unable to guarantee the complete security of your personal information, even though we undertake every effort to safeguard it using commercially reasonable methods. Furthermore, if the aforementioned Information is lost, stolen, altered, copied, misused, or subjected to any other violation, we will not be held accountable or liable for any losses or damages you may incur.

Customer’s Choices in Respect of the Provision of the Information

While you are under no legal or contractual obligation to give us any of your information, you may be prevented from accessing or fully using our products and services if you choose not to do so (for whatever reason, including your disapproval of the measures we take to protect the privacy of your information). Neither of these actions shall hold us accountable or liable for anything.

Accuracy of the Information

Please be aware that among other reasons, our ability to offer you with our products and services depends on the accuracy of the information you have given us. As a result, a term and condition governing the provision of our products and services is that you agree to maintain the accuracy, completeness, and currency of all information that you provide, share, exchange, or otherwise provide to us. You shall update the information and notify the Bank of any changes in writing or by any other method the Bank deems appropriate.

Children’s Privacy Policy

Our services are not intended for individuals under the age of 13. We do not intentionally gather personally identifiable information from children under the age of 13. Should we become aware that a child under 13 has provided us with personal information, we promptly remove this data from our servers. If you are a parent or guardian and you are aware that your child has shared personal information with us, please contact us immediately so that we can take appropriate action. Thank you for your cooperation in ensuring the privacy and security of all users, including minors.

Privacy Policy Amendment

We may amend this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the amended terms on this site. All amended terms automatically take effect instantly after they are initially posted on the site. Thus, you are suggested to review this page periodically for any changes. We will notify you of any changes by posting a notice of the change (or an amended Policy) on this page. These changes are effective immediately after they are posted on this page. Your maintaining access or use of it indicates your agreement to the changes.

Availability of Services and Disruption

You hereby acknowledge that the provision of the GoFast Internet Banking Services and Internet Banking App access to the accounts is dependent upon the continued availability of communication, processing, function, and other facilities of the applicable systems, and the Bank cannot warrant such availability at all times. The service can be interrupted due to several technical and/or other reasons. The Bank cannot always ensure access to its website. The Bank is entitled to suspend, disconnect, or discontinue the provision of the Services or GoFast App access to the account with or without any prior notice in the App’s notification centers/website/mobile for the purpose of carrying out the maintenance, upgrades, or other work. In the event the Bank suspends, disconnects, or terminates the Services or GoFast App access to the account upon the occurrence of any event over which the Bank has no control, the Bank shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused to you as a result of such suspension, disconnection, or termination. If for any reason beyond its control including but not limited to system error, network problem, strikes, labor disputes, accidents, governments requisition, restrictions or regulations on travel, hospital operation, political disturbances, acts of war, acts of God, which may hamper to provide regular and normal service and unable to perform its obligations under this agreement that case the Bank shall not be responsible.


1. Account Opening Requirements:
– If no balance is deposited within 90 days of account opening, as per the bank’s policy (a minimum of 500 BDT for Mudaraba Savings account), the account will be automatically closed.

2. Transaction Profile and Account Maintenance:
– Upon account opening, the client will be assigned a default Transaction Profile (TP) with a transaction limit of 1 lakh BDT.
– Requests for increasing the transaction limit require the client to visit the branch with supporting documents and adhere to the Bank’s due diligence policies.
– Account Maintenance Fees are deducted monthly by the bank.

3. Chequebook and Debit Card:
– Clients must visit the branch to obtain their first chequebook/debit card.
– Subsequent chequebook requests can be made using the provided requisition slip.
– Changes to the signature must be promptly reported to the bank.

4. Account Closure and Lost Chequebooks:
– Clients can close their accounts by returning the unused chequebook appropriately.
– In case of loss, a new chequebook is issued after lodging a report at the nearest police station.
– Lost chequebooks will not be replaced for any other individual.

5. Withdrawals and Account Information:
– Money can be withdrawn/transferred through various channels such as cheques, ATM cards, i-Banking, and Islamic wallets.
– Profit payments are subject to the bank’s policies.
– Withdrawals up to 1/4 of the deposit or 50,000 BDT or less can be made without notice, exceeding which, a seven-day notice is required.

6. Account Statements and Tax Deductions:
– Account statements/certificates are provided free of charge monthly and annually.
– Government taxes, VAT, etc., on deposits are deducted as per the law.

7. Miscellaneous Provisions:
– The bank reserves the right to take measures to prevent money laundering.
– Disputes are resolved according to the prevailing laws.
– Changes in account management rules may be made by the bank as deemed necessary.
– The bank may close any account without notice or reason.
– Inactive accounts are subject to transfer of balance to Bangladesh Bank as per relevant laws.

8. Compliance and Security:
– Clients are obligated to provide any new documents requested by regulatory bodies.
– Clients are advised not to share their OTP with anyone for security reasons.


By using the GoFast Internet Banking app, you agree to the terms and conditions outlined in this Privacy Policy. We are committed to ensuring the privacy and security of your information and will continue to update our policies and practices to protect your data. If you have any questions or concerns about our Privacy Policy, please contact us. Thank you for choosing Global Islami Bank PLC for your banking needs.

Effective Date: 03 March, 2023
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